USA clashes with Europe in Natural Selection 2 Grand Final

 ESL (Electronic Sports League) and Unknown worlds have organized the ultimate test to see who has the best scene in Natural Selection 2. A grudge match between the best of the USA and the best of Europe will be happening today in Cologne, Germany. The $5000 prize pot is nothing to be snorted at as Unknown worlds have flown the teams out on their expense, which is rare for events to do.

Sean Charles Vice President of Marketing and Publisher Relations at Electronic Sports League had this to say about the match:

“For over ten years, Natural Selection has been played competitively. For over ten years, there has been a ‘European scene’ and a ‘North-American scene’. Today, the barrier between the two came crashing down. Nexzil has made it to the Grand Final of the Natural Selection League Invitational Cup. That means that UWE is putting them on a plane across the Atlantic Ocean, to Germany! There, they will face Archaea, the hitherto undisputed kings of competitive NS2 . No pings, no lag, both teams sitting less than six feet from each other.”

You can watch the game on twitch tv at 19:00 GMT so don’t miss this clash of the titans! It looks to be very exciting!