The not-quite-daily Steam Spotlight 12/04


Yesterday was Thursday, today it is Friday we, we, we so excited because Steam has more games on sale.

Dishonored is a first person shooter/hacker with a choice element to the game which can effect the outcome of how the game progresses depending on how you play. This weekend the game is 50% off putting it down to £14.99! That’s a cheap price and a lot of fun, fun, fun, fun!


Which seat can I take? The seat of the farm yard machines in Farming Simulator 2013. The game certainly isn’t everyone’s choice of game but for those who enjoy them you can enjoy saving money too. At 50% off the game is down to only £9.99. A decent price for a relaxing game.


Gotta get down in most games of Limbo, but this indie game is a bit different! With an 88/100 metacritic score and 5/5 by the escapist Limbo is one of those games that everyone should play, and now everyone can as the game is down to £1.74 you have no excuse to not give it a go!