Tales of Xillia Collectors and D1 Edition Announced

Special Edition

Special editions are an interesting breed of product. Getting your hands on a limited edition figure or sumptuous art book is a special feeling. Letting that specially designed box sit on your shelf with all those figurines and soundtrack discs. To capitalize on this Namco Bandai are releasing two special editions for Tales of Xillia.

The first of the two, the Milla Maxwell Collector’s Edition comes with:

 – A 100 Page Tales of Xillia Art Book

– Soundtrack Selection CD

– A Milla Maxwell Figurine

– A Beautiful Box To Hold It All In

D1 Edition

The small D1 Edition contains

– Soundtrack Selection CD

– A 100 Page Tales of Xillia Art Book

– Another Beautiful Box

Both editions are available for pre-order here with only 100,000 copies of the Collector’s Edition in-stock online, so get going.  The game will be out August 9th this year.

Do you enjoy collector’s editions? Will you be pre-ordering the Tales of Xillia? Tell us below in the comments.