Spiral Knights: New Levels and Mini-Monsters

Sega’s MMORPG, Spiral Knights, is receiving 2 kinds of updates that will have the Knights hard at work.

The first of these is the addition of new mini-monsters. These pesky little things aren’t harmful alone, but when they team up, they pack a punch.

Mini-monsters include:
• Dust Bunnies: These beast-family minis are a hopping mad mess of fangs and fur. They are always hungry.
• Glop Drops: The newest member of the slime family will slowly ooze their way toward their prey as a nasty blanket of spikes.
• Grave scarabs: These undead insects are always on the lookout for fresh corpses. Their limited flight signals their attacks.
Minis will appear in select levels of the Clockworks and will make their way into other levels in future updates.

The second update brings s new levels to the game, known as the Compounds. The Compounds feature the remains of some sort of unknown facility, where more intelligent monsters await, harvesting resources or perhaps attempting to power up the derelict machinery.

• Compounds are unique levels in that they will combine two monster families, and will only appear on Tier 2 and 3 of the Clockworks.
• Currently, Compounds levels will only appear in the Arcade but will be added to some missions in future updates.
• Please note, in order for the new Compound levels to populate the Arcade gates, it was necessary to shuffle current gates. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Also in this update are 2 bugfixes for the game.

• Rockets will no longer sneak behind barriers in the Firestorm Citadel
• Fixed going ‘Back to Haven’ in Guild Halls

So, will you be trying out the new levels or taking on the mini-monsters? Leave a comment and let us know.