New Soul Hackers:Shin Megami Tensei Characters Revealed

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Soul Hackers: Shin Megami Tensei’s release is only days away now and Atlus have revealed some of the characters who will be appearing in the game.



Spooky is a true leader and will help during times of crisis. As an expert hacker it’s no wonder he is the founder of the hacker group Spookies, and why they’re called Spookies in the first place!

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Lunch is an expert rig builder, his technical expertise and calm demeanor are matched only by his appetite, so a suitable name then.

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 Six handles the other kind of hardware a hacker group needs. His nickname comes from the number of rounds his favorite weapon holds.

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Yu-ichi is the new guy of the group, and he’s as green as they come. He can screw up at times but his dedication to the group make up for his lack of common sense.