Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Trailer Gives Some Much Needed Context, Kinda

Is this game bonkers, amazing, post-modern or just indescribable? Ubisoft Montral seems to have thrown everything they can think of to make Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon the most futuristic 80’s shooter ever, making it the bastard child of an Arnold Schwarzeneggar movie and Tron. One thing is to be sure, lazer Jaguars are intimidating as hell.

As a stand-alone title, Blood Dragon has you take the role of Sergeant Rex Powercolt as he takes on an army of cyborg power-soldiers in the distant year of 2007. The game will be available through PSN, XBLA and Windows May 1st.

Looking forward to Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon? Did you spot that little surprise at the end? Tell us what you think below in the comments