The not-quite-daily Steam Spotlight 10/04

the walking dead

 Time for some sales I think! Let’s not dance around the subject lets go!

The Walking Dead is a game based on the popular TV show. This point and click adventure game is probably one of the best narratives in any video game. Emotional, surprising and down right heartbreaking at times it’s one game everyone should play. At £8.39 everyone can play it too! This is one game that you seriously shouldn’t pass up. It even left some VGU staff members in tears during times.


Scribblenaughts Unlimited is an…odd fun little game. A puzzle solver where you have the most power tool at your disposal, your imagination. This little gem of a game is only £7.81 right now so why not give it a go and use your endless imagination to solve the puzzles and win the day!

mirrors edge

Mirror’s Edge is the first game to really bring parkour in as a mechanic. This action game combines free running and gun slinging in an exciting adventure with very nice visuals. For £3.24 you have no excuse to not give this game a chance, a chance that it deserves. For less that £5 it really is a steal.