Spunland Cottage Let’s You Call A Little Slice Of Spunland Home

Headlining the new releases is The Spunland Cottage – a little slice of Spunland you can call home. In this PlayStation Home Apartment, you can trigger the Spun Clock to begin a set of collecting and chasing games, control all the elements of the background music by switching the Sonic Spunners on and off, or sit out in the garden and watch your very own Flusho Spunner happily graze away under purple and orange skies. When it gets cold, why not head inside and brave the twists and turns of the ever-changing maze in the depths of the cottage (please note: it opens only at Fruit o’clock and Egg o’clock)

Want to furnish your cottage with some trendy Spun furniture? Madmunki has you covered: Spun furniture* for sale includes: 3 Spunland Pictures – an interactive sliding picture puzzle and two dynamic images; The Spunland Fruit tree (as seen in Spunland – it blooms and produces fruit when you dance in front of it); and the Spunland Plant and the Spunland Flower – active items which dance and change behaviour in response to your actions.

And the essential centre piece for any self-respecting virtual home owner? The Spunland Toilet, of course. Yes, you too can now own your very own Flusho throne to park your little virtual behind on (humorous noises included).

*No assembly required

Alongside the third release of items, Spunland itself welcomes its first update, bringing with it the much requested save game (via the Bank of Spun), ‘Underspun’ and a host of tweaks and tucks.

Grab your friends. Play. Experiment. What fun can you make?
So what do you think f Spunland Cottage? Are you getting it? Let us know what you think down in the comments below.