RF Online 1.5 goes into Open Beta

OnNet Europe are proud to announce that RF Online 1.5, their epic sci-fi, fantasy and steam punk action MMORPG, is now in open beta. This follows a series of closed stress beta tests, where participants of previous beta tests were invited to come back, play the game and provide feedback. Players can now log in to the open beta and get the chance to earn limited-time rewards such as Amazon gift cards, valuable in-game items and GamesCampus Currency. 

RF Online 1.5 takes place on the planet of Novus and focuses on the conflict between 3 races: the Accretia, Bellato and Cora, who are at war to secure the limited resources of the Novus Galaxy. This epic MMO blends sci-fi, fantasy and steampunk themes in a Race v Race v Race story, offering extensive customisation options. RF Online 1.5 is a revision of the original RF Online with added balancing and a new level cap of 105.

“We are proud to have entered the Open Beta testing period with RF Online 1.5, and know that fans of the original as well as newcomers to the brand will enjoy the new experience” says Kyeong Youn, Production Director from OneNet Europe.

Players who participate in this open beta phase will have the chance to earn rewards throughout the game and will also be entered into a draw at the end of the testing period. You can sign up to join the beta by visiting the RF Online 1.5 Beta website.

Are you planning on joining the beta? Let us know by leaving a comment.