Resident Evil Revelations Steam Pre-Purchase Reward Scheme

resi evil reward 1

 Resident Evil Revelations has been given a HD PC make over and is ready for pre-order on Steam. Yet again Steam is implementing their new pre-purchase reward schemes where the more people that pre-order, the more goodies everyone gets. Check out below for the rewards you could earn if you pre-order Resident Evil Revelations.

Reward 1: Artbook and Soundtrack

This is a great bonus for any die hard Resident Evil fan. An book with artwork in from Resident Evil revelations, and the best thing to do while looking at this book? Why, listen to the sound track ofcourse! The soundtrack is a 13 track collection of specifically selected tunes for Revelations. Delivery of this reward will be at game launch.

resi evil reward 2

Reward 2: Reward 1 + Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions

Everyone loves free games. So the insentive for more people to pre-order is right here with a free copy of Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions. Driven to the brink of extinction on ice-covered wastelands, humankind fights to survive. Battle to survive against gargantuan alien Akrid and treacherous Snow Pirates on the vast and frozen landscape of EDN III. This reward will be available shortly after the pre-orders hit reward #2.

resi evil reward 3

Reward 3: Reward 1 + Reward 2 + Resident Evil Revelations Season Pass

The final reward is the Resident Evil Season Pass. This DLC includes new weapons, new characters. With 4 pieces of additional content in all the season pass content will be available shortly after the game’s release on May 24.

Will you be pre-purchasing Resident Evil Revelations? Do you like the pre-order reward system? Let us know in the comments below!