First Dark Souls II Screens Appear


The first batch of screenshots for Dark Souls II have appeared ahead of the IGN’s gameplay reveal via NeoGAF. The shots show off new enemies and the games improved graphical capabilities. The only shots are apparently taken from the PS3 version of the game.

The shots do seem very Dark Souls so fans wanting more of the first will be ecstatic. With the increased graphical fidelity the horrors of this game will be something to behold, especially if they hold up to the previous boss fights of Quelaag and Gaping Dragon.

1365616386-dark-souls-ii-playstation-3-ps3-3 1365616386-dark-souls-ii-playstation-3-ps3-6

1365616388-dark-souls-ii-playstation-3-ps3-1 1365616388-dark-souls-ii-playstation-3-ps3-5

1365616388-dark-souls-ii-playstation-3-ps3-7 1365616388-dark-souls-ii-playstation-3-ps3-8

1365616389-dark-souls-ii-playstation-3-ps3-2 1365616389-dark-souls-ii-playstation-3-ps3-4

1365617938-dark-souls-ii-playstation-3-ps3-9 1365617939-dark-souls-ii-playstation-3-ps3-10


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