Rock Band Song List Shrinks As Songs Disappear From Online Stores

Harmonix’s Rock Band has been around a long time, five years in fact. That is a long time with a lot of music. With the last song being released at the beginning of this month, songs are now starting to disappear from the Rock Band library as licenses expire.

Harmonix announced via a Facebook post the first songs affected were part of the Metallica Pack 01, which featured the tracks “Blackened”, “And Justice For All” and “Ride the Lightning”. These songs are no longer available on the Rock Band store or any other market place.

Fret not though anyone who has already purchased Rock Band tracks. Anyone who has already purchased this pack, or any pack affected in the future, will still be able to access and redownload the content. The expiring licenses just means that they will no longer be able to be purchased in the future.

Harmonix have assured fans they are hard at work to extend song licenses to minimise impact to the Rock Band library. They will also be releasing quarterly updates as to what will be be staying to rock on or leaving the party for good.

How do you feel about these tracks going for good? How many hours of music have you paid for on Rock Band’s massive library? Tell us below in the comments.