Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Fan Movie Shows Promise

blue ranger

 Most of you reading this who grew up in the 90s will remember a show about 5 teenagers with attitude chosen to protect the world from alien attackers. Power Rangers was a staple TV show from 1993 and hasn’t stopped since. Celebrating it’s 20th aniversary this year with the latest series Power Rangers Megaforce, fans of the old school team have been hoping for a movie about the Mighty Morphin Power rangers made for adults and they may have just gotten their wish…

A group of hardcore Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fanatics have started production on their own Power Rangers movie which looks like it could have a very Dark Knightish twist to it. They have a cast of some recognizable names including Robert Axelrod who was the original voice of Lord Zedd in the ’93 series! You can check out the teaser trailer for the film below to see if you get the same shivers of nostalgia I did when watching it!

The fan movie looks to be one of the most passionate and well thought out fan made films out there. A show with a following like Power Rangers deserves the Hollywood treatment as much as Batman or Spider-man do so it’s nice to see fans putting in the effort and hard work to make it a reality. You can check out some concept art for the Ranger costumes and equipment below.

red rangerwhite ranger

These concept art images for the Ranger costumes recieved mixed but more towards negative reviews from fans on the MMPR Facebook so it doesn’t look like these costumes will make the final cut.

blue ranger 2

However this design sparked a lot of positive feedback and looks like it could be the model used for the rest of the Power Ranger costumes. With a more technological feel the suit feels like a re-invention of the original suits but made for modern day and looks to be an exciting peak into an exciting movie. Check out the poster for the movie below and get ready for the indie movie event of the year!


The MMPR Film has been nominated for serveral Geekie awards including Best Trailer, Best Fan Trailer and Best Geek Culture.

What do you think of the MMPR Film idea? Will you be watching it? Let us know in the comments below!