Divinity: Original Sin has a successful Kickstarter campaign

It’s always great news when a Kickstarter campaign is a success. It’s even better when the campaign is successful before it has even ended. Self-publishing developer Larian Studios announced today that the Kickstarter campaign to enhance Divinity: Original Sin has reached the $400K mark in less than a fornite. The campaign still has 17 days left.

Divinity: Original Sin is an open-world, traditional RPG that features turn-based combat as well as both single and co-operative gameplay. Your actions and choices have true significance and, in turn, consequences, so it’s best to think about what you’re doing before something bad happens. As well as this it is set to ship with the editor the developers used, making it the first game in a long time to sport an RPG editor that supports multiplayer. I can hear lots of MODs on the way here!

With 17 days left, the game has already reached $404, 392. In response to this the developers have released a video that “contains a little gift to all you in the community”:

Now that the game is funded Larian has confirmed that the game will be available on Mac and Linux platforms, and pledges via Paypal are now also available. You can check out the Divinity: Original Sin Kickstarter page for more information and to make your own pledges. There are new rewards for backers with a few Kickstarter exclusive items (including Zandalor’s Demonic Trunks) and the more funding the game gets the better it will be, including more character interactions, more areas to explore and increased options for character-building.

Does Divinity: Original Sin look like the game for you? Or have you already backed it? Let us know with a comment.