Cancelled Mega Man FPS has Been Revealed

The Mega Man shooter (Called Maverick Hunter) was in development in 2010 and was going to be made by the same studio that created the Metroid Prime series. Marverick Hunter was cancelled just before Mega Man’s creator Keiji Inafune left Capcom and according to sources:

“The game would have stayed true to core Mega Man X gameplay concepts, re-imagining his X-Buster arm cannon, his dash and his ability to appropriate the special powers of his fallen enemies. Platforming elements, including X’s wall jump, and classic Mega Man X characters would have been re-imagined in new ways. It was intended to be part of a trilogy that would culminate in a third game in which the player would assume control of Zero, forced to destroy a Mega Man who had grown incredibly powerful and infinitely intelligent over the course of two games.””.

This sounds amazing and its a very big shame these games were never made as they have a really cool look and sound like they would have been great fun to play! For MUCH more infomation and gameplay videos head over to Polygon now, you will not regret it!

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