Amazing Iron Man Mod Turns GTAIV Into A Super-Hero’s Playground

Long time GTA IV modder H1Vltg3 have released Iron Man IV that allows players to blow the ever-loving crap out of everything as Iron Man and War Machine. The mod includes everything you’d expect such as flying, hand repulsor beams and calling in back-up from SHIELD.

H1Vltg3 have also previously released mods that focus on other super-heroes such as Superman, Batman, Spiderman and Deadpool. They can be found here.

The mod includes:

-Iron Man Armors
-Shoulder Darts
-Mini Rockets
-Hand Repulsor Beam
-Chest Repulsor Beam
-Flight Ability
-Ability to call Ally to help you
-Flying enemies
-Dynamic Iron Man style HUD
-Xbox 360 Controller Support

The mod can be downloaded here for those who want to play as the metal Avenger.

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