Injustice Battle Arena Finals Now Open

 The last batle to take place from the Injustice Battle Arena is now open for the fans to vote. The final battle is possibly the biggestfight in DC history as the Dark Knight, Batman, goes toe to toe with the Man of Steel, Superman.

The Injustice Battle Arena has had many fights previous to this conclusive smackdown, so let us have a look at who these two titans have beaten in order to get to this number one spot.

First Batman Opponents:
* Defeated Bane in the first round

* Defeated Wonder Woman in the Quarter Finals

* Defeated The Flash in the Semi Finals


Secondly. here is Supermans defeated foes:

* Defeated Sinestro in the first round

* Defeaed Green Arrow in the Quarter Finals

* Defeated Green Lantern in the Semi Finals


So you might be thinking “Who do you think will win?” well here is the official VGU verdict. Althought we would want the Dark Knight to win, somehow utilising kryptonite to defeat his opponent, we sadly have to accept that Superman is the more dominant foe in this match up. Even with the use of Kryptonite, Batman will have too much of a hard time in order defeat this Super Foe.

So who do you think will win the mother of all batles? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to make your vote official on the Official Battle Arena Website.