Zeno Clash II Makes Its Way to Steam in April

This April Steam gamers will have a chance to play Zeno Clash II. The game will be available to download on April 30 via Steam. Created by ACE Team and Published by ATLUS, Zeno Clash II expands the world of Zenozoik futher with more exploration, adventure and mayhem with mad combos and funny locations.

Zeno Clash II will be available on Steam, Xbox LIVE and PlayStation┬«Network (console release dates pending) for $19.99.

But wait, there’s more. Steam pre-orders will receive:

  • Rock that Father-Mother – 10 percent off the price and a free copy of the original Zeno Clash to play through or gift to a friend
  • Teamwork All Up in this Father-Mother – Zeno Clash II is full multiplayer, so to avoid playing with people not weird enough, a two-pack is available at a 25 percent discount for $29.99
  • Digital Father-Motherin’ Deluxe Edition – For gamers that don’t have enough Zeno in their life, the digital deluxe edition comes with the game’s soundtrack and a digital art book full of the making of the world of Zenozoik. Pre-orders for the deluxe edition are 10 percent off the $29.99 price and include a free copy of the original Zeno Clash as well. 
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