Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Weekly Roundup 07/04

team VG

 It’s certainly e-Sports season at the moment and it’s a great time for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as the game’s popularity in e-Sports steadily grows. One great thing about CS:GO events is you can always count on upsets and surprises, and this week was no different, check out below for the highlights of this week’s events!

Team VeryGames come 1st at Mad Catz Invitational

After a shocking 4th placement at Copenhagen Games 2013 Team VeryGames finally take the top spot in a CS:GO lan event this weekend at Gadget Show Live Mad Catz CS:GO Invitational 2013. Walking away with a cool £6,000 and Mad Catz hardware, Team VeryGames defeated Fnatic somewhat comfortably winning 2 maps to 0. This is the first major event since the release of CS:GO and Team VeryGames will be hoping that this opens the doors for more first place victories, but it has to be remembered that close rivals Ninjas in Pyjamas were not at Mad Catz, we’ll have to wait to see how the two teams fair in their next fight!


NiP lose a game

To anyone who follows CS:GO this will be shocking news. The Swedish powerhouse Ninjas in Pyjamas are finally defeated in a match of CS:GO against rival top team Virtus.Pro.  This is the first time NiP have not come top in a CS:GO event since the team was formed, it is certainly a shock to the CS:GO scene but probably nothing more than a small dent in the ego of NiP. With many more events still to come NiP will have more than enough events to take the top spot back again.

virtus pro

Virtus.Pro defeat NiP and win SLTV Starseries V

Virtus.Pro have seem to have come out of nowhere to take a top spot away from NiP. Most people would have put their money on Team VeryGames, Fnatic or Anexis to finally knock NiP off the top spot but Virtus.Pro have stepped up and finally slain the beast that is NiP and taken the $6,000 top prize.

4kings logo

4Kings reveal CS:GO squad

4Kings have been a legendary name in eSports and especially the Counter-Strike scene for many years now. After a long hiatus it looked like 4Kings may never return to Counter-Strike but earlier this week they finally announced their CS:GO lineup, which is being lead by Counter-Strike 1.6 4Kings player Craig ‘Onscreen‘ Shannon. They also revealed pictures of a gaming house that their sponsor had provided for them, if you want to feel utterly jealous you can check out some pictures of the house which has a pool, gym and sauna.

4kings lounge4kings pc room4kings pool4kings projector