Bioshock Infinite Midnight Release Event in San Francisco


While at GDC this year, VGU attended the San Francisco Midnight release for Bioshock Infinite. We arrived at the local Gamestop at around 10pm and found an already impressive line forming. We spoke to a few of the eager fans waiting to get inside and not only to nab their copy of the game but to get some free stuff from the developers of the game!

These guys started queuing at 2pm to make sure they were first in line!

The atmosphere was getting more and more excited, more so as we started to tell the waiting fans about our experience with the game from a few weeks ago and got players in the line to discuss what they wanted in the game and what they expected from it.


Around 10:30pm the Gamestop staff appeared to explain to the whole line how the even would work (Some were even dressed in 1900’s dress!), the fans would go into the store with their pre-order forms and then receive some signed goodies from the developers of the game before getting the game at midnight!

stuff from release

That poster is unique to this specific event!


How the alternate game cover looks in a case (You could get it in PC, Xbox 360 and/or PS3 sizes)!

After heading inside and meeting the dev’s, the fans were redirected outside to finish the wait for midnight, but this didn’t mean the even was over. Closer to midnight, after the Gamestop staff had handed out more goodies in the form of Bioshock stickers and other small tidbits, one of the developers came outside as found the front of the line and gave a goody bag to the guy 1st in line. In it were the pieces for the limited edition of the game including a case that was signed by Ken Levine himself!


Looks like turning up the event 10 hours early paid off! Congrats!

After this, the clocks hit 12 and the line started to head inside so waiting customers could get their pre-ordered games. After they quickly left to head home, everyone wanted to get home as soon as possible to play the game! It was a great night and a good start to GDC for us at VGU and we really enjoyed meeting all of you guys and girls waiting in line!

If you liked what was given out in San Francisco, stay tuned to VGU and our upcoming events as we managed to get a few of those signed posters and game covers and we are VERY generous!

Did you attend a Bioshock infinite midnight release? Do you like the alternate cover and poster? Let us know in the comments below!