Distant Worlds gets a new shadowy expansion

Matrix Games are proud to announce that Distant Worlds will be getting a new expansion pack very soon. The highly anticipated third expansion pack, called Distant Worlds: Shadows, adds new gameplay to the Distant Worlds universe and is set in a new era called the Age of Shadows.

Planetary civilizations have not yet rediscovered hyperspace travel and factions of space-based pirates with remnants of ancient technologies battle each other to succeed in survival and expansion. They are struggling to hold back the rebirth of the space empires from the ashes of the first war against the Shakturi while establishing themselves as the new power in the Galaxy, and you get to choose a side to play with.

Some new gameplay features include expanded ground combat with a full new ground combat tech tree, a ground combat resolution screen and multiple different troop types as well as ship and base boarding and capture. This tech tree also allows Gravitic Weapons and Tractor Beams as well as additional planetary facilities that allow you more customisation and character recruitment. It also includes an updated and improved graphical system, a much enhanced AI and comprehensive difficulty settings. As per usual it also has the many modding opportunities.

Please note. to play this expansion pack you need to have already purchased Distant Worlds, Distant Worlds: Return of the Shakturi and Distant Worlds: Legends

You can find out more information on the Distant Worlds: Shadows official product page. Currently there is no set release date other than ‘Coming Soon’ but if this gets updated then we will let you know.

Anyone looking forward to the new expansion? Give us a comment.