Call of Duty Championship 2013 – Day 2

For 16 teams the dream of winning a share of $1 million has ended after being eliminated from the Call of Duty Championship 2013. The remaining 16 teams are now faced with Round 2 – the double elimination bracket. The action began at 9AM Pacific Time/5PM GMT with an Upper and Lower tier elimination. Teams will face off both in the Upper and Lower tiers and 8 more teams will be eliminated today.

The 16 teams that made it through are:

– Complexity

– Soar

– Fariko Impact

– Optic Gaming

– Donut Shop

– Envyus

– Fear

– VVV Gaming

– Killerfish

– Quantic

– Epsilon

– Pain Gaming

– Enigma

– The Stand

– Fariko Allstars

– Inferno eSports

Remember you can continue to catch all of the action live on the official Call of Duty Championship website, through Xbox Live and also through Twitch TV. By the end of today we will know who the top 8 teams are, as well as who will be placing 4-8 and splitting a combined total of $280,000 in prizes.

Have a particular team you want to win? Let us know in the comments!