Tekken Card Tournament Released Today

In Tekken Card Tournament, players can customize their decks, use the fusion system to create new cards, then strategically chain Focus, Strike and Block moves to take down opponents with awesome combos. You can train in solo play then take your deck online to challenge people around the world to get extra rewards!

Bringing real-world crossover to the online gameplay, physical booster packs of Tekken Card Tournament Game Cards will go on sale in stores in early summer. With a total of 191 to collect, each card will feature a unique QR code which will let the player instantly add the card to their digital in-game deck using the app on there handheld devices! Players will also be able to scan the character images to unleash Augmented Reality effects and bring the characters to life which sounds really cool!

Tekken Card Tournament is available now on iOS devices, Android devices, Kindles and can also be played online! For more information on this new Tekken title make sure to check out the official Tekken website and the Tekken Facebook page as well!

What do you think of Tekken Card Tournament? Will you be giving it a try? Let us know what you think in the comments below!