Call of Duty Championship 2013 kicks off today

$1 million sure is a lot of money, and 32 teams of Call of Duty players have the chance to win it in the Call of Duty Championship 2013 which kicks off today.

32 teams from around the world will be going head to head to compete for the chance to win a part of the $1 million. The first day begins at 12PM Pacific Time (8PM GMT) where the 32 teams will assemble on stage for the opening ceremony. The tournament will then kick off at 12.30 Pacific Time, with the teams splitting into round robin group play. Each team will play the others in their group once, and the top two teams from each group will advance to Round 2 on Saturday. 

You can watch this adrenaline filled spectacle in a number of places: the Call of Duty Elite site will have a direct link to the event where you can watch group play matches on up to five different streams, Xbox Live will also be showing the event and it will also be streamed on Twitch TV, so you’ll never have to miss a moment. The Championship will conclude Sunday 7th April at 3PM Pacific Time, where the Championship match will decide the first ever Call of Duty Champion.

Will you be watching the event? Any teams in particular you want to win (if you’re into eSports or Call of Duty?) Let us know by leaving a comment.