Thief 4 Screenshots, Concept Art and The Voice of Garrett


So why is Stephen Russell no longer the voice of the master thief Garrett? Well in a recent community interview Narrative Director Steven Gallagher and Audio Director Jean-Christophe Verbert explain why.

Russell was originally considered for the part, with Eidos even getting as far as getting him in to perform some preliminary dialogue. Over time however, Eidos-Montreal decided to do a full-performance capture similar to what Naughty Dog does in the Uncharted series. As Garrett is meant to be a quick and agile character, Russell had to be pushed aside for a younger actor who can perform the role.

Who will be replacing him though? Well, in Eidos-Montreal’s latest Community Video Romano Orzani has been named not only the voice of Garrett, but the entire performance from head to toe. Probably best known to gamers in his role as Giovanni Auditore in Assassin’s Creed 2 and Lineage he will be bringing his talent to another game featuring a man who enjoys calmbering over city walls.

On another Thief 4 note, here is a metric-butt-ton of screenshots and art to sink your teeth into.

1365081688-1 1365081689-2 1365081690-4 1365081691-3

1365081691-5 1365081691-6 1365081698-7 1365081699-8

1365081699-9 1365081877-12 1365081886-16 1365081890-13

1365081891-14 1365081891-15 1365081894-10 1365081895-11

1365081897-18 1365081899-17 1365082114-x3 1365082126-x2

1365082128-x5 1365082132-x7 1365082133-x6 1365082135-x4

1365082213-x1 1365084539-1 1365084540-2

Tell us what you think of it below as well as your opinion on the casting of Mr. Orzani in the comments.