Namco at Gadget Show Live 2013


 At this year’s Gadget show Namco had two very exciting games to show off. One was Star Trek: Into Darkness, the game for the upcoming movie later this year. The other was Defiance, an MMO third person shooter with a lot more to offer than just a game.

Star Trek: Into Darkness was playable by the public at Gadget show so VGU didn’t waste any time in getting our hands on a controller. First off it’s great to say that the game feels “Star Trekky”. That may sound like a redundent way of describing it but it’s the best way, the game feels like it’s set in the Star Trek universe, it emerces you straight away to the point where we barely took our eyes on the screen. The only problems we could see with the game is that the character effects could have been much better. Don’t get me wrong you can tell who each person is meant to be, but for example Scotty looked nothing like Simon Pegg and the speech animation was very distracting. If the game did do anything to us though it put us in the mood to see the new movie, which is 50% of a movie game’s purpose so I guess that makes it a success and we would suggest you try the game even if you don’t buy it. You can check out some of our pictures of us playing the game and some in game pictures below.



From one good Sci-fi game to one great MMO we moved on to check out what Defiance had to offer.


You may remember our article on Defiance being a Steam best seller not long ago, and since then it has really exploded onto the scene. Talking to the guys from Namco at gadget show live it was easy to see why people are so excited about this game. Firstly the game runs parallel to a Syfy channel TV show under the same name and events that happen in that show will effect the game’s world, but that also works the other way around and you even have the chance of your character being on the show! This is an amazingly cool concept that we couldn’t believe hasn’t been done before, this truely is trying to bring TV into the Youtube/internet TV show generation and we really hope they succeed.