Thief 4 Trailer Leaps Out From The Shadows

It is easy to compare this trailer to Dishonored, but slightly older gamers will know that this is the series that heavily inspired Bethesda’s mix of magic and stealth. It shows off all of the old tricks that Garrett used to make his way around “The City” (yes, that’s what it is actually called).

Although seen as a reboot, the series seems to fall into the canon of the older games, nodded to with Garretts mechanical eye he gains in the first game. Another interesting detail is that Garrett’s long standing voice actor Stephen Russel isn’t voicing Garrett in this trailer. While the new actor hasn’t been named yet, it may seem weird to long-time fans to not hear Garrett’s old voice.

Are you pumped for this new interation to the series? How do you feel about the voice change? Tell us below in the comments.