Sejuani and Trundle are getting Remastered in an upcoming League of Legends Update


As tensions rise in the Freljord, each faction cries out for leadership. Sejuani rides out as the head of the Winter’s Claw, determined to reforge the strength of her people in the crucible of war. Trundle has crowned himself king of the ice trolls, ready to defend the corner of the Freljord his people call home. Both Sejuani and Trundle have been reworked with new visuals and gameplay tweaks as the conflict comes to a head.

In her rework, the boar-riding, flail-wielding barbarian warrior has gone whole hog. Now heavily armored atop her feral mount, Sejuani’s rework captures the essence of a powerful female leader.

Trading a skulking hobble for the confident, imposing stride of a troll king, Trundle’s model was reimagined into a powerful alpha ice troll.

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