Mojang announce Minecraft 2.0

Mojang have just announced the immenant arrival of Minecraft 2.0.

Hopefully it is scheduled to be released within the next two months after spending the past two years in development, and is set to “bring block simulation games to the next level.” The new game is set to completely overhaul the original game and contains weeks worth of new content and blocks.

Currently it is in the closed Beta stage and Mojang have been working with members of the community to trial new features, and the announcement videos and trailers you’ll see below come courtesy of this community. You can have a look at a few of the sneak-peek videos below, and can find even more on the Mojang site

The beginning of this video has to be my favourite part!

Are you excited over this? The announcement comes after Minecraft PC has reached almost 10,000,000 sales (a giant milestone for any game). While the update isn’t finished, you can check out some of the new changes being put in place below:


– Added new Super Hostile game mode, for a much more challenging Survival experience

– Difficulty setting is now per-world and may NEVER be changed once set (so be careful!)

– Added new graphics setting “Ultra Realistic”


– Added new realistic food/hunger system to animals

– Overfeeding animals may have a negative effect on gameplay

– Added a new ‘Horse’ animal, with two different breeds to choose from

– Each animal now has a gender and a personality, introducing new farming mechanics

– Added a new rare breed of Chicken known as the ‘Diamond Chicken’, which may lay diamonds or lapis instead of eggs but can also blow up from too much pressure!

– Chickens are now classified as Monsters and are no longer friendly Animals.


– Chickens don’t appreciate being looked at and may get upset.

– Attacking a lone Chicken may trigger a swarm of additional Chickens to come to the defense (oh the horror!)

– Added a new Redstone Bug monster


– Heat needs to be regulated in furnaces or they may blow up

– Added 6 new decoration blocks, including Mud, Hay Bales and Lapis Lazuli

– Added dyed glass

DISCLAIMER: We all know it’s April Fools Day today, so there’s a significant chance that this is actually an April Fools joke. Just remember to keep this in mind, and we’ll keep checking to see if this is confirmed or actually a joke.

If this turns out to be real then there’s definitely some interesting and entertaining stuff coming to the world of Minecraft! Let us know what you’re thinking by leaving a comment (we all love comments).