League of Legends CHEW Now in Open Beta

 What happens when you take Cho’Gath from League of Legends and put him into an old school 8-bit environment? Easy! You get the smash hit newest game from Riot Games, Cho’Gath Eats the World (CHEW).

In CHEW you play as Cho’Gath as you destroy buildings and literally eat people and even fellow champions from the League of Legends roster such as Garen, Teemo and Urf Rider Corki. The game plays out like the old school title Rampage but also has a secret game inside that allows you to play as Teemo in a Jet Pack Joyride style setting.

This game by the looks of things will only be available to players for the Easter period so what are you waiting for? Even if your not a fan of League of Legends, have fun with this game now and share it with your friends.

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