Sonic Dash Now Free On The App Store


Sonic Dash, the endless running platformer, developed by Hardlight for iOS mobile devices, has become a free game on the App Store. In addition to this change in its pricing, the game has received an update that will add daily challenges into the fray. These challenges will update the game with new content such as new characters or Red Star Rings. As well as this, Sega have released a Mission Tracker to help keep track of your progress. This new update has significantly increased performance of the game on iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S devices.

Those who have already purchased the game on the App Store, worry not! The developer has said, via their twitter, that anybody who bought the game up until the pricing changed will receive 10 free revive tokens to make up for the price change.

Will you Apple users pick the game up now that it’s free or had you purchased it already? Leave a comment and let us know.