Defiance Already a Steam Best Seller

defience top 3

 Defiance is a new shooter MMORPG from the company that bought us Rift. This game has already seen huge popularity on Steam as it is currently at 3rd place on the best sellers list.

The game is released on April the 2nd so already being on Steam’s best seller list is a huge achievement. One factor that will be helping Defiance sell so many copies already is the new Steam pre-order reward system, which unlocks more rewards for pre-puchases the more people pre-purchase. Check out below the rewards for pre-purchasing now that all 3 tiers are unlocked:


Reward 1’s main focus is a nice in-game vehicle for all players who pre-purchase. Reward 2 gives players a free copy of Rift: Storm Legion to play themselves or send to a friend!

reawrd 3

Reward 3 is an exclusive vehicle to pre-order players plus a whole bunch of other equipment and boosts all new players will need. Above you can also see the extras available to digital deluxe perchases including outfits and XP boosts. This game is certainly one VGU will be keeping an eye on and probably having hours of fun playing!

Will you be pre-ordering Defiance or have you already? What do you think of the rewards system? Let us know in the comments below!