Injustice Battle Arena Semi-Final Results

The Semi Finals of the Injustice Battle Arena has now come to an end. The fights this week have been very tough to judge and apparently have been called the hardest matches to call out in the entire arena series. But the big question is, Who won their matches and is going to the final round of the tournament? Let’s have a look and find out.


In our first duel of the decade we have Batman going toe to toe with Flash. Both competitors showed off some impressive skills however there was space for only one winner and that was the one and only Dark Knight, Batman. Check out the fight above and see how Batman prevailed over the Flash.

The second bout had Superman go one on one against the Green Lantern. The Might of Krypton vs the Light of Justice. These two fought very bravely but the winner in this clash was non other than Superman. Check out the fight above to see just how the man of steel conquered over the Green Lantern.

So with those fights over this means that the final battle in the Injustice Battle Arena is the epic struggle everyone has been looking forward to, Batman vs Superman. Will the Man of Steel dominate the Dark Knight or will Batman find a way to deal with his biggest challenge yet?

Well if you have an opinion on that fight as well as an opinion on the game, Injustice Gods Among Us, why don’t you leave a comment in the comment section below and keep an eye out on VGU for more on Injustice Gods Among Us.