The not-quite-daily Steam Spotlight 29/03

Hitman Absolution

 Well I guess you could call this the Easter edition of the Steam spotlight! Which means I’m going to fit as many Easter puns into this spotlight as possible! Let’s get cracking.

Easter eggs are a big part of easter, and nobody’s head in gaming looks more like an egg that Agent 47’s! That’s right Hitman: Absolution has a cracking 75% off right now bringing it down to only £4.99! In this action game  you play as Agent 47, who isn’t afraid of breaking a few eggs to get his job done. For under £5 it’s a steal!

gta 4 complete

Another game for 75% off is the cracking Grand Theft Auto 4: Complete Edition. At only £7.49 for the base game and the two expansion games The Balad of Gay Tony and The Lost and damned. And if that doesn’t make you CRACK a smile the Grand Theft Auto Complete Pack is also down to only £8.74 which includes GTA 3, Vice city, San Andreas, GTA, GTA2, GTA 4 and the GTA 4 expansions! Now that is a cracking deal!


Keeping with the theme of action games, Just Cause 2 is down to the eggstaticly low price of £3! For such a low price you have no eggscuse to not pick this one up!