Hideo Kojima Answers Early Questions About Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Earlier this week, when Metal Gear 5: The Phantom Pain was officially announced, Geoff Keighley said that he would be having an interview with Hideo Kojima about this new game.

This interview has now gone live on GameTrailers and in it, Mr Kojima explains a lot of initial questions that fans might have been having about the new project. This includes why David Hayter was not included, the rough area in the series timeline that the game takes place and why he used the names of Joakim Mogren and Moby Dick Studios to initially hide the truth. One key thing was that Kojima could not comment on whether the game will be on next-gen consoles or not. This definitely isn’t something to get hopes up over, but it may possibly be a hint at a next-gen Metal Gear.

We won’t reveal too much and we’ll let you find out what else Hideo Kojima said for yourselves. Here it is in full for you guys to check out.

Source: Gametrailers.com

Now that Hideo Kojima has answered some of the early questions everybody has been dying to ask, what do you think about it all? Let us know exactly how you feel with a comment below.