Gears of War: Judgment has an unexpected mode

A previous game mode has been found on disc copies of Gears of War: Judgment, and a bunch of clever gamers have found a way to access and play it.

Epic Games have said that this mode, Warzone, was not meant to be on the disc and that is is hangover code from the games development. How to access this mode we hear you ask?

It is incredibly simple. All you need to do (according to Eurogamer) is first “go into the ‘Private Match’ multiplayer menu, highlight Team Deathmatch and then press A. Once the pop-up appears, press A and B together. Select “yes” when prompted again and you’ll be in Warzone mode.” Sounds incredibly simple!

A tweet from Peter Knepley suggests that this was not meant to be on the disc, and that Warzone will not be in the content update rolling out in April.

Have you already played this ‘accidental’ mode? Let us know with a comment.