Bungie GDC Pictures of Destiny

3 pics

Our guys at GDC are at the Bungie conference, “Brave New World: New Bungie IP” and not only have some amazing pictures to show but this amazing video of Destiny’s character development below!

 Also don’t forget to check out the pics they took during the session of Destiny below, keep an eye on VGU for updated and more high res pictures!

4 guys4 wookiesadornmentcat thingfasionhairhoodieshunterlots o wepsmore wepsobiwanshottiestiger mantitanweaponsalienbasebigger basebig shipblue chickcasesdeadbeatfalling treeheroeslzardmoon landingmosntersorbplane crashportshipssnow troopersspacetriangle ship

What do you think of this concept art? Are you looking forward to Destiny? Let us know in the comments below!