God of War Has Been Made Easier

The God of War series has always been notorious for its challenging moments. Some gamers tend to forget that the game is an action game and occasionally will bring a challenge to the table. Well now God of War Ascension has been made easier over an uproar of one of the hardest sections in the game.

The Trials of Archimedes has been officially patched by Sony’s game developer’s Santa Monica Studios after fans complained that the trial was too hard. How much easier is it now you may ask? Well now the entire area has gone from a challenging labyrinth into a child’s playground. The whole point of the Trials of Archimedes was to challenge the players ability to cope with attrition. You have to battle three waves of enemies with no means of recovery.

Post-Patch, you now receive health and magic orbs at the end of each wave which just adds a little insult to injury. But, in case you thought that was bad enough, the newly revamped area ‘affects all difficulty levels’ according to Sony themselves.

I have spoken to many players about the patch and most of them say that it would have been a better approach to bring up a suggestion, after so many deaths or failures of the trial, to put the difficulty down a notch to suit your difficulty. However with this patch now in play, the game is made much easier than others in the series creating a boring feel. The thing I liked about the God of War games was their challenge and now with that removed the game is made worse.

So what are your thoughts on God of War being nerfed to the deepest depths of the underworld? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to try out the game in its vanilla form before you patch it. Promise me, you won’t regret it.