EA and DICE reveal the details around Battlefield 4 at GDC 2013

 At GDC members of the press got an email which signified the next in the series for the highly regarded first person shooter Battlefield.

Here is all what we know about Battlefield for so far!

Battlefield 4 is a game right from the start is a massive “human cinematic experience”

It is being made on a new engine Frostbite 3 which brings a new experience to Battlefield players.

You can now also control your squad “Tombstone” and by giving them orders open up a world of different tactics. In the demo it was show that you can order your squad to suppress fire the enemy while you sneak round the back and take them out. Your choice of weapons which was seen in the demo range from machine guns, grenade launcher and the trusty shotgun but we care certain that is not the end of the weaponry.

The 17 minute long demo that we was a part in San Francisco started with a bang in the water when the main protagonist of the demo Recker finds himself awakening inside a sinking car, which has some lovely cheesy music attached to it through the cars radio station.

As it hits the climatic moment of them trying to free their sargent from the car they know all too well that they can not free him and have a hard decision to make. Keep trying and all drown or shoot out the windscreen and get to safety leaving the trapped and alive Sargent in the car to meet his demise. The demo then goes backwards in time and you get to play the game as Recker.

You can check out the demo yourself at Battlefield.com and watch the whole 17 minute video that we was apart of at GDC13.

Some questions that have not been addressed at the demo were, what is the multiplayer going to be like and how even will the single campagin be with the online side, what differences between BF3 online mode will be to BF4s and so many more. One of the most important questions is will the game makes its way to PS3 and 360 or will it jump to the next gen consoles and PC.