Cancer Patient Immortalised In Favorite Game

jame payne

 A heart warming but sad story today shows us how video games aren’t as bad as people would like to believe. A cancer patient who lost his battle with cancer has been immortalised in his favorite video game.

James Payne was 24 when he died from liver cancer earlier this year, but last year he was invited to see the studios behind  the BAFTA award winning “Total War” series. James was invited to Creative Assembly’s studios in a trip organized by the Willow Foundation. It was on this trip that one of the modellers for the upcoming Total War: Rome II suggested that James could play a part in the game. Photos and measurements of James were taken that day to start putting him into the game.

James Payne in game

While at the studios James also got a chance to play an early version of the game, which unfortunately he will never be able to see. But James will live on in the game in a small way as a commander of a Roman legion.

Craig Laylock, of Creative Assembly had this to say to Yahoo! news: “Although he won’t get the chance to see Rome II released James will live on in some small way in our game. Every time I see his character I’ll be reminded of what a great guy he was. It’s why we all do what we do, and why we’re so passionate about it. He really brought that home to us. In many ways, James represented what’s best about working in video games – crafting games that people enjoy and that stay with them. We’ve still not finalised James’ exact role in the game, but wherever he’s used we’ll be making sure it’s a fitting tribute to one of our most dedicated fans.”

The game is due to come out in October this year and we at VGU would strongly suggest everyone get a copy.