Civilization V: Brave New World Coming Out July

Firaxis have been constantly hammering away at Civilization V since its release, making sure all the kinks are worked out, balancing and working on their first expansion “Gods and Kings”. Firaxis haven’t stopped there though, recently announcing “Civilization V:Brave New World”. The expansion intends to expand on the way culture and trade effects the game as well as adding more units and civilizations to conquer the world with.

The newest expansion will be out in North America July 7th, shortly followed by the rest of the world July 12th.

This isn’t all though. Firaxis at their panel at PAX East announced that the expansion will be adding an interstellar new unit. The brave men and women from X-COM will be turning up as late game units that will air-drop via Skyranger. Humanity’s last stand has chosen to aid world domination now it seems.

Looking forward to the next expansion? Want the ability to customise the X-COM units to look like your friends? Tell us below in the comments.

[Source] – Kotaku