Final Fantasy X HD Announced


 Square Enix, creators of the long running Final Fantasy game series have announced today than Final Fantasy X and X-2 will have a HD re-release on the Playstation 3 and the PS Vita. This is great news for any Final Fantasy fan as X and X-2 are considered some of the best in the series by many hardcore fans. It is also good news for PS Vita owners as the Vita’s game library has been painfully small until now so a big release like Final Fantasy X will at least fill the gap while we wait for the next big Vita release.

“These games are classic fan-favorites, and we hope that new and old FINAL FANTASY fans can experience the world of Spira and the story of Tidus and Yuna in a brand-new light with these remastered editions,” said Yoshinori Kitase, producer of FINAL FANTASY X and FINAL FANTASY X-2.

Even better news for the Playstation 3 owners is that Final Fantasy X and X-2 will be a single disc bundle, meaning you only have to buy one game in order to get both. Unfortunately the PS Vita version does come in seperate parts, but maybe that’s so your Vita collection looks bigger? A new trailer for the HD re-release will be available Monday so stick to VGU to get it first!

Are you excited for the HD re-release of these games? Will you be buying them and on what console? Let us know in the comments below!