Konami announce the first DLC for Silent Hill: Book of Memories

The latest in the horror franchise has a brand new DLC on the way that includes new characters, weapons, costumes, enemies and mission types.

Konami have announced the first downloadable content pack for Silent Hill: Book of Memories for the Playstation Vita. Set to have a release price of £3.28 / $4.99, the dlc is set to include a list of features including refined balancing:

– 10 new playable characters

– 50 new outfits

– 15 new accessories

– 14 new artifacts

– 10 new weapons

– 15 new story notes

– 2 new enemies

– 4 new trophies

The new content is available now on the Playstation Network, so there’s plenty more horrific action for Silent Hill fans to sink their teeth in to. If you haven’t played the game yet you can check out our review.

Looknig forward to more gorey horror from Silent Hill? What did you think of the original game? Give us a comment below!