TERA Numbers Continue to Rise


 So a week ago we bought you news that TERA’s free to play model had started with great success and today we can bring you news that the numbers of player have increased even more.

The game’s players in North America alone have risen to 1.4 Million players, this is a huge jump from last week and even bigger from when the game was subscription based. To celebrate the numbers TERA are doing a special 5 day event to hunt BAMs (Big ass monsters) for special drops.

tera BAM

“We’ve been blown away by the waves of players logging into TERA, and we’re seeing amazing growth in both registrations and daily users. It’s always great to eclipse the one-million-player mark, and at our current rate, it won’t be long before we hit two million,” said Chris Lee, CEO of En Masse Entertainment. “This success is pushing En Masse even harder to deliver more content and improve our service, so stay tuned!”

For more info about TERA keep an eye on VGU and look out for our future gameplays coming soon to videogamesuncovered.com

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