VGU at MCM: The Cosplay Highlights


 VGU were at McM Memorabilia this weekend in Birmingham and were very impressed with the cosplay that was happening. Take a look below at some of our favorites!


Kieron’s girlfriend Charlotte came with VGU to experience her first McM and got an unexpected welcome!


Deadpool was there giving a public service warning about all the free hugs on offer!


Ever wanted to watch assassins play DDR? Well McM is the place for that!


It’s Morphin time! The power rangers were there to make sure everything went smoothly.


Stormtrooper with a keyblade, your argument is invalid.


Okay, this isn’t a coplay, but it is really cool!


This was a triumph.


This is how you die.


Luigi was there celebrating! Well it is his year after all!

Well that’s all of the Cosplay highlights for the Birmingham McM! We’ll see you at the London expo later this year, and if you’re in costume and you see us, why not come over and ask for a picture? You may end up on the website!