Huge PC Update coming for Aliens: Colonial Marines

A nearly 4GB update is set to roll out for Aliens: Colonial Marines on Steam, and contains changes that were made to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions as well as some more console specific updates. Most notably this should improve the rexture resolution, implement various visual improvements and fix some PC-only crashes.

You can find more details on the specific fixes below:

– Improved texture resolution.
– Various visual improvements.
– Added mouse smoothing to options menu.
– Fixed crashes tied to launch and motion tracker.
– Added additional safeguards to better protect save data.
– Resolved an issue where a player’s level could sometimes appear incorrect when backing out of a party.
– Addressed several scenarios under which players could spawn without a weapon.
– Changes to better prevent audio from sometimes cutting out during end of mission cinematics.
– Fixed issue where Xeno death animation was not properly calculating momentum of the killing blow.
– Smart Gun animation now properly tracks targets.
– Addressed some instances where Xenos would display erratic animations.
– Increased light radius for player’s shoulder lamp.
– Adjusted aim assist to better reflect player input.
– Addressed an issue that could sometimes cause co-op player revival to not work under certain circumstances.
– Addressed issues with players not spawning into a level properly.
– Fixed a marine player invincibility exploit.
– Resolved several instances where players could walk or fall outside of maps.
– Addressed an issue where Ripley’s Flamethrower (bonus content) would sometimes fire continuously without player input.
– Fixed an issue that could cause localized text to sometimes display incorrectly.
– Addressed an issue where weapon ammunition was not always highlighted properly.
– General user interface improvements.
– Miscellaneous bug fixes.

– Tweaked enemy and friendly AI to be more aggressive and responsive.
– Modified campaign difficulty to account for improved AI responsiveness.
– Improved enemy collision detection regarding doors and Power Loader.
– Addressed some issues that could cause improper warping for co-op players.
– Various tweaks to address instances where NPC characters would not always properly navigate to objectives.
– Players will no longer bleed out immediately when downed in a Power Loader.

– Fixed issues that could cause clients to report inaccurate results and statistics.
– Addressed instances where a map would appear to “pop in” when loading into a new match.
– New Xeno appearance customization added.
– Multiplayer teams should now correctly auto-balance between rounds.
– Increased duration of Lurker Pounce Challenge “Cat-Like Reflexes” from 10 to 20 seconds.
– Fixed issue where certain multiplayer challenges would not unlock properly for all characters.
– Crusher pick-ups now correctly appear as highlighted for clients.

As you can see there are a lot of things being fixed! Do you think it will help improve the game? Let us know with a comment