Final Fantasy X HD to be Bundled with X-2 HD on PS3

It has been confirmed that Final Fantasy X HD will be coming to PS3 with Final Fantasy X-2 on one blu-ray disc. Not a bad deal considering both games run upwards of 20 hours each. This is after scans of Japanese magazine Jump made their way online. Square Enix later confirmed these details to be on the money.

Unfortunately PS Vita owners aren’t so lucky. It was also confirmed that the two-for-one doesn’t extend to the Vita version, which will have the two games sold individually. This is unfortunate but it may come down to the capacity of a Vita cartidges memory.

Both games will be an enhanced remastering of the games and are rumoured to include the international expanded content, which include extra dungeons and boss fights for an additional challenge. 

The games are thought to be released later this year, but there is nothing concrete as of yet.