Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – The Dead Dunes Screenshots

New screenshots have arisen for the latest title in Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. These screenshots present the setting of ‘The Dead Dunes’ an oasis village surrounded by an endless desert. It seems as though Lightning will be getting her desert exploration gear on to search the dunes for hidden treasure.

Along with this, we have for you a few screenshots of some new abilities that will be at Lightning’s disposal.

Lightspeed – This special ability consumes EP (Energy Points). When unleashed in battle it slows the passage of time, rendering foes helpless before Lightning’s ferocious assault.

Recovery – Lightning now also has the ability to cast recovery spells on herself. Because this costs EP, it’s best kept as a last resort and would be wiser to use potions first.

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Tell us what you think about The Dead Dunes and Lightning’s new abilities. Are you excited about Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and will you be picking it up come its autumn release? Leave a comment and let us know.