Injustice Battle Arena Quarter Finals Results

 The Injustice Battle Arena has now closed the dorrs to the quarter final match ups as the results are through. The fighters have had their battles and now only the winners remain to qualify for the semi-finals that lie ahead.

The first match involved a legendary struggle between Wonder Woman and Batman. Both combatants fought in a newly seen arena and have also dawned a new set of costumes that players will be able to chose from in game. The fans had decided that the one and only Dark Knight Batman.

The next fight was another tough battle to judge as the Joker goes toe to toe with the Flash. Again dawning new otfits for the match up, both competitors seem to be battling in a new environment, pleasing to the eye. The fans have made their choice and the person who is going through to battle Batman in the Semi Finals is non other than The Flash.

The next duel pits the Green Lantern against Aquaman. No new arena this time round but the combatants do make sure to put on their best clothes for the occasion. The fans have decided that the victor is the Green Lantern.

The final battle to insue in the quarter finals involves two combatants which has made fans bring up many questions. The battle involves Superman going toe to toe against the Green Arrow, Man of Steel vs The Worlds Greatest Marksman. The two combatants put on some new gear as they face eachother in another new location. The winner of this very controversial match up is in fact Superman. He will go on to face the Green Lantern in the semi finals.

In two weeks time fans will be able to vote on who will be victorious next, but what do you think of the quarter final matches? Be sure to let us know what you think down below in the comments and be sure to look out for more on the Injustice Battle Arena in two weeks time.