PaRappa Voice Actor Heading Petition for Long-Awaited Sequel

PaRappa the Rapper hasn’t been around for a while. Sure he turned up for Playstation All-stars, but for a character who helped give the original Playstation a face he hasn’t been given much love since 2002. Could that be about to change though?

Dred Foxx, the man behind the dog, is helping push a movement to bring back the character who told us all “you gotta believe”. Over a year ago he launched the Facebook group “Where is Parappa The Rapper“. Foxx asks how the series has effected peoples lives and how they remember the series. This is sure to twang many a nostalgic memory as the last PaRappa game was released over a decade ago.

Hoping to capitalise on the reawakening of old memories, Foxx hopes this show of support will spur a new game in the series with Masaya Matsuura returning to produce the music. He also raises another possibility of guest rappers being part of the project, such as Snoop Dogg and Method Man.

The brain behind the game, Masaya Matsuura, is still working on games today at his studio NanaOn-Sha. They are still working on music-based games today and worked on classic rythme games such as Um Jammer Lammy and Vib-Ribbon.

Hopefully this newfound support for an old series will lead to a third part in the PaRappa series. After all, you gotta believe!

[Source]: JunkieMonkeys